Nutrition 3.0: Presago at the 2020 Internet Festival

The ninth edition of the Pisa Internet Festival – an event that brings together digital technology enthusiasts, students, professionals and the curious – has come to an end.

The festival is an occasion to explore the latest topics in science and technology through a variety of events aimed at the general public. This year’s protagonist were data and their importance in digital ecosystems and artificial intelligence technologies.

Since a growing interest in nutrition has been emerging among businesses and consumers, many were the events centred on food and wine. “Digital Taste”, a series of presentations that combined scientific value and entertainment in the evocative setting of the historic “Manifatture Digitali Cinema” complex, investigated how big data and the web influence the production and the distribution chain.

Thanks to its expertise in the sector, Presago was invited to organise one of such events, “Nutrition 3.0″, an in-depth look at the latest developments in machine learning and big-data analytics techniques, both in the field of research and from a consumer’s perspective.

The opening speech was given by Professor Dino Pedreschi (University of Pisa), an internationally renowned big data expert. Alessandro Distefano, CEO of Presago, provided some data on the rapid evolution of the market for enterprise solutions that make use of artificial intelligence, pointing out how through innovation companies are enhancing their competitiveness in global scenarios.

Our data scientist, Barbara Berti, shared the results of the FoodMining project, which applies advanced analytics techniques to online recipe collections and social networks with the aim of providing statistics on eating habits, discovering emerging lifestyles, new trends, consumer sensitivities, and studying how diet varies according to the socio-demographic context.

The floor was then passed on to Professor Perego (CNR) who illustrated the results of Big Data Grapes, a project that focuses on the application of computer vision techniques to vine cultivation to optimise growth and production.

But the evening peaked when Cheffy, the virtual assistant in the kitchen, was “brought” on stage.

Cheffy is a conversational agent that uses machine learning and big data to recommend recipes tailored to the individual user, especially when it comes to nutritional values, dietary restrictions and practical kitchen requirements. Our experts interacted with Cheffy in real time, showcasing the conversational and user experience capabilities offered by Presago technologies.

In the last part of the evening, nutritionist Davide Sparpaglia provided some guidelines on how to navigate through the sea of information on nutrition circulating on the web. He also enriched the final part of the event, led by Dr. Berti, during which the audience was asked to take part in a short “smart” quiz on nutrition.

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