Integrating Big Data and Machine Learning into business

It is estimated that between now and 2030 there will be a 14% increase in global gross domestic product due to the integration of AI in businesses. That is, around $15.7 billion in profits will be generated over the next ten years by companies investing in AI. The estimate is the result of a study by PWC on the impact that the adoption of all technologies related to Big Data and Machine Learning will have on companies.

No doubt, the figures are very promising. In Europe alone, a turnover of €1.8 billion is expected. An extraordinary opportunity, both for commerce and business.

According to PWC, these technologies will have a major impact on the development of many productive sectors. In the next three years, AI will produce positive economic effects in the ‘Retail 3.0’ sector, in communication and in entertainment in general. In the long term – at least 7 years from now – we will see a more significant impact on the health and automotive sectors. In fact, albeit with a diverse mix of short- and long-term benefits, all manufacturing sectors will be impacted.

As a matter of fact, the business benefits that AI can bring range from the automation of business processes, e.g. through virtual assistants simultaneously available to thousands of customers 24/7, to the enhancement of marketing strategies through tools of ad targeting.

Support agents equipped with AI can work alongside human actors in decision-making processes, relying on their ability to quickly analyse the consequences of every choice, even in the most complex contexts.

Ultimately, the use of new analytical technologies linked to the world of big data and machine learning can significantly raise the quality of services and products offered, reduce costs, optimise available resources and increase profits. A real competitive advantage that can make the difference for those who decide to invest in innovation.

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