Cheffy, a virtual aid to healthy eating

In order to meet the growing need of consumers to eat healthier, we have recently developed Cheffy, a virtual chef that helps users choose balanced dishes and follows them, step by step, in their preparation.

We started from a large collection of recipe books complete not only with ingredients and preparation instructions, but also with nutritional values such as amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugars, etc. The information was then structured into a knowledge base, i.e. a collection of data consisting of nodes and relationships which create a network that is easily browsable by artificial intelligence. By moving between concepts and relationships, the assistant can provide precise and accurate answers to even complex questions expressed in natural language.

The knowledge base continues to expand thanks to a steady stream of data that makes Cheffy increasingly accurate in interpreting users’ questions and helping them to achieve their goals.
One of Cheffy’s most interesting features is its ability to interact in real time, instantly recognising the type of request and responding promptly.

Underlying the understanding of requests are Deep Learning algorithms that exploit state-of-the-art NLP technologies. Such algorithms translate queries into intents first, and subsequently extract relevant entities from them.

The user can search for recipes based on favourite or disliked ingredients and meeting certain nutritional characteristics (such as maximum calories or fat content). Once a recipe is selected, Cheffy guides the user through the steps of preparing the dish. With voice interaction, it is possible to move on to the next step or repeat the previous without ever having to touch the screen.

Cheffy remembers each interaction so that it gradually gets to know the user and adapts the recipe suggestions to the his or her tastes, intolerances/allergies and diet.

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