Chatbots for recruiting

Artificial intelligence is set to make more and more inroads into the business world. Today, chatbots are able to manage online shopping procedures, bookings or simply provide customers with the information they are looking for. But there are many possible directions of development. One of the most promising areas is Human Resources. Administrative tasks that usually burden HR can be automated, reducing costs and improving time management.

Some of these tasks include

  • Setting and managing appointments for interviews
  • Sending reminders to candidates for a position
  • Collecting information about candidates to send directly to tracking systems (ATS)
  • Answering FAQs about open positions or the selection process
  • Request screening information about candidates’ experience, knowledge and skills
  • Rank candidates based on their qualifications or degree of interest

Of course, recruitment chatbots are not intended to replace humans, but rather to take over those tasks that often take a back seat.

It has been estimated that most CVs are ignored due to lack of time or resources to sort them as they come in. Chatbots can address this very problem by filtering out under-qualified CVs and managing communication with candidates, thus leaving more time for recruiters to focus on interesting candidates.

To get an idea of the advantages brought about by this type of technology, one need only think that Esselunga, a famous Italian large-scale distribution company, has estimated that it will have to carry out around 28,000 fewer interviews in the coming months thanks to the use of artificial intelligence systems and chatbots for personnel selection. It is no coincidence that the project was awarded a prize by the HR innovation practice observatory of the School of management of the Milan Polytechnic.

Basically, the first screening of candidates will take place through interactions via text message and email, followed by a video interview lasting about ten minutes. The results of these interactions will be screened using machine learning systems, and only afterwards will they move on to more classic forms of interviewing.

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