Meet Replio

Your AI-powered multiplatform chatbot for Atlassian Jira®

Your AI-powered multiplatform chatbot for Atlassian Jira®
Multiplatform connector
Connect with Replio from your preferred collaborative platform.
No need to open Jira to use it
Converse with Replio in natural language, learn about your tasks and make changes directly from your chat.
Get a helping hand with Agile
Not an Agile guru yet? Replio helps you master the Agile terminology by answering all your questions.


Through Replio you can easily:


Interact with Jira from any device without leaving the collaborative platform you are using, be it Teams, Slack or Telegram.

Converse in natural language without having to memorize long lists of commands.

Learn your tasks’ description, priority, type and status.

Create a new task or change the status of an existing one.

Log your work.

Assign tasks to your collaborators.

Visualize your team’s comments and add your own.

Ask questions about the Agile methodology and the Atlassian products.



NOTE: Replio is now released in Early Access. We are confident that its main features work properly and can’t wait to get your feedback! Also, we are adding features and finishing the edges on a daily basis.

However, the product is still in development, so bugs and faults in Replio’s conversation skills are to be expected as the AI keeps training. Refer to the release notes for more information about known issues and updates.

Please report any issues you encounter using Replio via our help desk or email us at [email protected]

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